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04 May 20
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Chris Sharma World's Best Rock Climber?
Chris Sharma is not just any athlete. At 26, Sharma dominates the world of rock climbing, whether he is sport climbing, bouldering, or deep water soloing.Professional climbers live a unique lifestyle. Traveling the world climbing the next hard thing, developing new areas, and competing in top competitions. And Sharma has reigned as king of climbing for more than a decade.
13 May 20
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Crossing Snow and Ice on a Hiking Trip
Snow and ice are as hazardous as fast flowing water. Mountain hikers encounter snow and ice all the time, even in summer, but they're most troublesome in late spring and early summer when they're extremely slippery.SnowSince snow lingers in the same places every year, hiking trails generally avoid such obstacles. This doesn't mean that hiking trails are always free late-lying snow.
26 Jun 20
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Does Training for Rock Climbing Really Work?
When most climbers hear about "training for rock climbing," they look for a quick way to escape. Honestly I do not know if it is laziness or what, but for too many years, climbers have said that all you need to do to become a better rock climber is go rock climbing. We have been bombarded by other climbers with this idea and most have been left with disappointment and frustration.
28 Jul 20
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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Rock Climbing
One of the most popular and intense sports that you could ever get started in would have to be rock climbing. Both men and women of all ages are getting into to this new way of getting a wonderful workout. One of the most intriguing things about rock climbing is that it can be done outside or inside, so if it rains you can still get your workout, and have some fun rock climbing.
29 Jul 20
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Gas Mileage Enhancers - A Review Of Some New Gas Saving Products
With the market flooded by products that claim to cut down your mileage by 20% or 30% are you confident that you know the products that can be trusted and those that cannot be? EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has tested a number of such devices against various standards and determined a set of devices that actually save gas and does not affect emission standards adversely.
14 Sep 20
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How Rock Climbing Is Soaring In Popularity In The Extreme Sport Genre
Rock climbing is the sport where you climb steep rocks and it was first done in England. By 1930 some hundred climbing resorts opened in England alone and people started the sport of rock climbing. A person who wants to be a climber should always be ready to climb such as being in good physical and mental health.
06 Oct 20
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How to Care for your Carabiners
Your carabiners may not be one of the larger or even one of the most expensive pieces of climbing gear that you'll have, but that does not mean that they are unimportant. Carabiners are used to link climbers to their safety devices, other kinds of climbing gear, or even other climbers in a belay. Using a faulty or damaged carabiner is dangerous.
19 Nov 20
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How Getting Diet Meals Delivered Can Save You Money
Thinking about getting your diet meals delivered to kick-start your weight loss? Diet delivery services are perfect for busy people wanting to lose weight - pretty much everything is done for you. The portions are pre-calculated so you naturally slim down. The food is prepared to taste delicious so you don't feel deprived.
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