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July 2, 2020
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How To Choose A Quality Pair Of Boots That Will Do The Job For You

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A good high quality pair of boots can really make you stand out in a crowd. I know that when I see someone in a pair of nice snakeskin boots I always notice them and I know that they are probably doing well financially since those boots are quite expensive. I know I always feel even more self confident when I am out and about in one of my favorite pairs of boots.

I have worn boots both for work and pleasure and I can tell you that having a pair that don't fit properly just ruins the whole experience. You just can't go cheap when it comes to boots. If you buy cheap boots you will only end up irritated and not only are they unlikely to fit properly but they are also not likely to last for any length of time as well. I always invest the money in the highest quality I can afford, you only have one pair of feet so you need to take care of them and wearing improperly fitting boots will cause damage to your feet both on the surface as well as structurally. It's just like the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for".

With the advances in technology in the boot making industry there is no need for break in periods due to the changes in boot design and the use of a combination of high quality soft leather and synthetic materials. Don't just buy a pair of boots just because they look good. If they don't feel good you are just going to be aggravated and they will just sit in the closet. If you try them on and there is something rubbing your Achilles tendon or they are tight and confining on your toes, don't buy them. Remember boots should be looked at as an investment in a high quality pair of footwear that will last a long time so make sure they are comfortable and fit right off the bat.

When buying boots you want to know what the purpose is that you are buying them for. If you are buying them just for casual wear of course you will have a different need than if you are buying them for recreational or utility use. For example, I used to work as a scaffold builder when I was young and we worked in petrochemical plants building scaffolding as high as 500 feet in the air. Obviously working in dangerous conditions like that one needs to invest in the highest quality pair of boots possible but there are other considerations as well. For boots like this where a lot of climbing is involved it is important that they fit perfectly and do not slip as that could cause you to fall. I always preferred a mid calf lace up boot with a steel shank and steel toe to protect my feet from injury and a non slip oil resistant Vibram sole to prevent slippage.

Whatever the purpose, a good place to look for boots is online where you have access to the largest selection possible.


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