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July 28, 2020
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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Rock Climbing

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One of the most popular and intense sports that you could ever get started in would have to be rock climbing. Both men and women of all ages are getting into to this new way of getting a wonderful workout. One of the most intriguing things about rock climbing is that it can be done outside or inside, so if it rains you can still get your workout, and have some fun rock climbing.

When the weather is bad you can try going climbing on a man-made wall, this is also a great learning tool for people that are just getting started in the sport. When you are at an indoor facilities you can work on learning rock climbing basics and techniques while at the same time have a professional keep a close eye on your to be sure you are doing things the proper way, and that you are not going to hurt yourself and others once you try to conquer rock climbing outdoors. Some rock climbers never try to climb outdoors, but for the ones that do it is an awesome experience that they would never want to replace.

If you do decide to adventure out doors and try your luck climbing real rocks then there are some things that you will need to consider. Not every rock is good for climbing, so first you need to be able to decide weather the rock can be climbed vertically or horizontally. Next, you need to make sure that the rock is solid and in good condition for climbing. Try to find place to climb where the weather is predictable, and where other climbers have already been, so that you can use the pre-existing trails.

Like any sport there are some dangers involved if you do not take the necessary precautions such as having the right type of equipment, and climbing in less populated areas where it would be hard for you to get help. You should always climb where other people are close by because if you should ever need emergency help, those people suddenly become your lifeline, and without them you could find yourself in a life and death situation.

A common misconception is that most of the injuries incurred from rock climbing are from falling. This is most likely because if a rock climber falls it gets a lot more media attention than other situations. The majority of injuries that people get from rock climbing are injuries to the tendons, elbows, shoulders, and hands and these injuries are cause by over-straining the muscles or to much use. The truth is that you cannot prevent all of the injuries that can come from rock climb, just like you can not prevent injury in football or soccer. But you reduce the chance of injury by warming up and stretching before you climb. Also, having the right equipment, and be sure that you are properly trained to use that equipment will help prevent injury.

Have a good pair of rock climbing shoes are a necessity in order to be sure that you have a good grip on the surfaces you are going to try to climb. Another important item is a helmet, and sadly they are not worn by most climbers. You will also need to check all you ropes and harnesses to make sure they are not worn

If you will follow these basic steps to rock climbing I am sure that you will fall in love with the sport, and have a safe and fun time doing so.


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