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May 4, 2020
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Chris Sharma World's Best Rock Climber?

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Chris Sharma is not just any athlete. At 26, Sharma dominates the world of rock climbing, whether he is sport climbing, bouldering, or deep water soloing.

Professional climbers live a unique lifestyle. Traveling the world climbing the next hard thing, developing new areas, and competing in top competitions. And Sharma has reigned as king of climbing for more than a decade. This is a talent that has not given, yet even with a lot of young guns making a move.

Climbing is a sport that constantly tests your exposure to failure. Weeding out the boys from the men is the name of the game. Chris Sharma has surpassed other climbers with unparalleled strength and doggedness. In July, Sharma climbed the Three Degrees of Separation 5.14d a very futuristic climb featured in the Dosage movie series. That was six years after his historic climb of Realization.

The Three Degrees of Separation was a desperate ascent and 5.14d came after taking on tufas and micro-crimps. For Sharma, who has spent the last ten years on the road, coming back to Ceuse after was like coming home. One French climber described the ascent with a series of three spectacular, all points-off dynos as "C'est moderne."

David Graham, who is a friend of Chris Sharma was the first American to reprize Realization, and Ethan Pringle who was third American to achieve the feat, were both there to witness Sharma return to Ceuse.

Sharma's climbing skills have been described as refined and savage at the same time. He has the audacity to hang on a little longer than his peers and he attempts to reach higher on each climb an attribute that leaves his colleagues awe-inspired. He climbs with child-like gaiety and fierce moxie.

In the last year, Sharma has proven himself over and over again. He climbed La Rambla Direct's (5.15a) second ascent and attained 5.14a's at Rodellar. He also established the landmark Es Pontas, making 2007 his best year ever, according to analysts.

Sharma was recently quoted as saying, "It's all about finding a line that motivates me." Adding, "I'm not the type who can train, be doing something now so that in three months I'll be strong enough to try 1 route. I just go try a line a million times. The training occurs on the route."

Sharma's friend Corey Rich says, "It might sound like a cliche, but in Chris' case, home has been the road."

He adds, "He doesn't care where he sleeps. What he eats. He has no strict training regime. That's certainly not the norm for professional athletes. It's pretty incredible that he has been able to sustain this."


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